The Quickest Way to Write Research Protocols

Quikest helps you get from desk to bench so you can focus on the science.

Designed for Scientists

Quikest is for researchers & organizations aiming to accelerate & enhance their workflows.

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Generate new ideas through the collaborative canvas

Use AI to brainstorm ideas, gather sources, write outlines and generate protocols.


Generative AI for Science

Quikest uses generative AI to accelerate science by providing insights, generating hypotheses, and suggesting experimental designs tailored to specific research needs.


Easily Share & Collaborate in Real-time

Quikest allows seamless teamwork and instant updates on protocol changes. Enhance productivity and ensure everyone stays on the same page with our intuitive collaboration features.


Accelerated Workflows

Quikest automates the creation of structured protocols, streamlining lab and research processes, saving valuable time for researchers.

What Scientists Are Saying About Quikest

Quikest is for researchers & organizations aiming to accelerate & enhance their workflows.

"I'm optimistic that Quikest will significantly enhance productivity, potentially getting us 30-50% of the way to a finished protocol, making it an invaluable tool for our company."
"Quikest promises to bridge the gap between expertise and time availability, allowing trained professionals to create protocols efficiently."
"I look forward to Quikest's ability to search and adapt internal protocols, saving time and ensuring consistency in our research."
"I anticipate using Quikest for every new protocol. Its collaborative features could make it indispensable for our internal protocol development."
"Quikest has the potential to be a powerful tool for overcoming communication barriers, making protocols more approachable and accessible across different functional groups."
"The potential for Quikest’s roles and permissions features to ensure seamless collaboration and accountability, with real-time notifications, is exciting."

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At Quikest, we’re a team of industry experts developing a cutting-edge platform that leverages AI to automate and enhance the creation of research protocols. You can trust that Quikest is built specifically for your research needs.

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